What does antiquing mean?

It's on “Quotidien”, at the end of November: the delicious Étienne Carbonnier ridicules the videos of “Une fille, un style”, a column of “Vogue”.He specifies that these girls always have very beautiful apartments (meaning even of the section) and we integrate that they are therefore privileged.These girls have another point in common: they tell how much they like to “hunt”.Now, here is that by a clever (and hilarious) trick, Etienne Carbonnier has removed the "n" from "chiner".The girls find themselves saying how "shitting" is their immense pleasure, and the secret of the style.It's not (too) nasty, but above all it is ...eloquent.

Because, finally, it is to link the fact of hunting to a snobbery of wealthy, anal stage.This presupposition joins the theory of the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu who, in his essay “La Distinction”, already demonstrated, in 1979, that a certain caste of society, because it is the holder of a vast culture of good taste, can afford freedoms (such as shopping around, or buying something really cheap) because precisely this caste “knows”.It does not need a price or a mark to validate its acquisitions since it has long since completely assimilated what is playable and what is not.

Unexpected access to beauty

Chiner may well be what Pierre Bourdieu describes and what shakes up Etienne Carbonnier, but is it only that? I know not.Of course, there will always be people from a certain background, very skilled and obviously formatted to "have an eye", as they say.But strive to convey this elitist image of "bargain hunters" - who are also very largely "bargain hunters" - it is to ignore the unexpected access to beauty, even luxury, which are second-hand goods and vintage for all social circles.See this post on Instagram

Posted Date: 2020-12-15

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