Can you combine several grants to buy your new home?

Can you combine several grants to buy your new home?  post thumbnail image

Can you combine several grants to buy your new home?

When you buy a new house, you can benefit from several aids to finance your project: Pinel law, PTZ, VAT at 5.5%, territorial aids specific to regions or municipalities, but can they be cumulated?

Yes, some financial aid can be cumulated…

…But not all of them, of course! Here are the financial aids offered to all French taxpayers who wish to buy a new home. Consult the list of those that can be cumulated with others before putting together your purchase file:

The PTZ “Zero Interest Loan”.

Designed to help first-time buyers to buy their first main home, it can be combined with the 5.5% VAT if you buy your first new apartment in an ANRU (National Urban Renewal Agency) zone, and with less well-known loans, issued on a means-tested basis, such as the PAL (Prêt Action Logement – ex 1% logement), the Prêt Conventionné (PC), the PSLA (Prêt Social de Location Accession).

VAT at 5.5%.

This aid is both to help people buy new property to boost districts that have been neglected for a few years and which are the subject of an urban renewal plan (we will talk about the “ANRU zone”). It can therefore be combined with the PTZ, but also with other territorial aid, especially if you are involved in urban renewal. This approach can therefore be accompanied by other financial aid.

The Pinel device for tax exemption

It is not cumulative with the PTZ, the VAT at 5.5% or with other loans for the purchase of a main residence, but can be boosted with specific territorial aid.

The Censi-Bouvard device

This scheme encourages real estate investment in serviced residences and cannot be combined with the other aids listed above. However, you can ask the town hall of the commune in which you wish to invest to find out if there are territorial aids to which you are entitled in combination with the Censi-Bouvard scheme.

The accumulation of financial aid will also depend on the place where you buy your new home. In some municipalities or regions, there are specific territorial aids that can potentially be combined with others. Contact the town hall of your municipality to find out more.

What financial assistance should you choose to buy your new apartment?

You wish to invest to rent :

You wish to buy your principal residence

All of these aids are rather complementary. By consulting your project and your tax profile, you will quickly see which loan corresponds to you.

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